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Point of presence
VoIP Provider:Broad Connect Telecom Inc.
Address:151 Front St. W. Suite 356
Zip code:K4K0C4
Phone number:+1 877-228-6616
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.broadconnect.ca/
Contact Persons
Name:John Smith
Phone number:+1-877-228-6616
Providers Details
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Description:Broad-Connect simplifies your business communications by cutting your costs while enhancing your organizations productivity. Broad-Connect Telecom empowers businesses across Canada to succeed by ensuring they have the most forward-thinking, advanced, state of- the-art communication and networking products. As a leader among solutions providers, Broad-Connect Telecom delivers innovative products and services to its customers. Our network and business model was developed to satisfy the needs of all businesses. Whether it is a small 2-5 phone user customer or an enterprise with 500+ phones, we have built a voice and data network suitable for all. Broad-Connect Telecom is focused on simplifying business communications. Our streamlined, high-quality voice and data solutions improve employee productivity and enhance overall company performance. We offer the convenience of working with a single supplier, with simple pricing and a single bill. With Support staff available 7x24 , we are here for you when you need us.

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