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General office
VoIP Provider:Lyrix Inc
Address:900 Chelmsford Street
Zip code:01851
Phone number:+1 9784423000
VoIP Provider URL:http://www.mobiso.com
Contact Persons
Name:Deb Brown
Position:Global Sales Director
Phone number:+1 9784423048
Mobile number:+1 9785514136
Providers Details
Description:As a speech company in SAAS for 15 years, Lyrix has refined the sharing of speech servers for service customers. Lyrix developed middleware logic (US patent), monitoring software, and a Day2 service methodology that delivers accuracy rates beyond any spee Speech and your IP-PBX – a marriage in the cloud: Lyrix is a cloud-based service provider with over ten years of public and private clouds. We work with Network Service Providers to establish the SIP connectivity and the exchange of directory records between the customer and Mobiso Speech Assistant. There is no easier way to add the value of speech assistance to your VoIP offerings. Once your customer is configured, Mobiso creates a cloud tenancy for your customer and directory adds, moves, and changes flow to the cloud, keeping the customer’s speech directory up-to-date. Once enabled, a user dials the speech assistant through the IP PBX and is passed to the Mobiso cloud over SIP, where Mobiso converses with the caller to determine their destination. The call is brief, and the satisfied user is transferred to the extension or phone number stored within Mobiso. The user may speak people, places, product names, customers…whatever names the customer feels is useful. External callers, trying to reach your customer’s users, can be serviced by Mobiso the same way, with a company greeting welcoming the caller and then routing the caller to the correct destination; in this way, Mobiso serves as a customer service application in addition to a speech dialer for the customer.

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