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Cisco 7200 Series Routers

Cisco 7200 Series Routers

Cisco 7200 Router is a provider class hardware ensuring internet traffic with the speed of up to 2 million packets per second.
Device supports wide range of expansion modules for creation of various configurations.

Main advantages of Cisco 7200 are the high routing speed (NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine), VPN Services Adapter, big set of various types of configurations, support of various interfaces from DS0 up to OC-3, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Packet over SONET, redundancy and failover.

Capabilities of Cisco 7200:
  • Support of QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Aggregation of customer broadband access - up to 16,000 PPP-sessions on the chassis
  • Fast routing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Support of IP Security (IPsec) VPN: up to 5,000 tunnels per chassis
  • Transparent signal forwarding H.323 and SIP
  • Integration of voice, video and data - voice port adapters, TDM support

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