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Grandstream BT 201 IP Phone

Grandstream BT 201 IP Phone

The Budgetone Series from Grandstream brings to the world highly cost-competitive, latest generation SIP phones. In designing Budgetone series a goal was to employ its groundbreaking innovative technology in order to delver to the market IP phones that will provide their users with unparalleled sound quality, extensive list of features, and simplicity - all at an incredibly low price.

The Grandstream BT 201 is without a doubt ne of the most desirable, feature rich phone in the BudgeTone series. The BT 201 model supports an number of highly technologically advanced telephony features incorporating a full-duplex hands-free loudspeaker with advanced acoustic echo cancellation technology, 10M/100M Ethernet port, a number of popular audio codecs, voicemail with visual indicator and custom ringtones, all in all putting up unbelievable value to both business and consumer market. But if you already have a set up of analogue phones, maybe you might be interested interconnecting your setup with Grandstream ATA HandyTone-502 Analog Telephone Adapter the latest product in the HandyTone series product line.

The Grandstream BT 201 specifications include:

 1x 100 Mbps auto sensing Ethernet RJ45 ports
 1x LAN RJ45 10/100Mbps
 1x 2.5mm Headset Port
 1x LED (red color)
 1x Full-duplex loudspeaker
 25-Keys Keypad and 12-Digit CallID LCD display
 Voicemail light indicator
 FCC / CE / C-Tick Compliance
 All of the standard features and functionality of voice
 Fully compatible and Interoperable with SIP platforms
 Power Adapter Input: UL certified, 100-240VAC 50-60 Hz, Output: +5VDC, 1200mA
 Dimensions: 18cm x 22cm x 6.5cm W/D/H

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