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Grandstream GXP280 and GXP285

Grandstream GXP280 and GXP285

Small enterprises should really enjoy the Grandstream GXP280 and GXP285 devices, due to mixture of high quality of sound, graphic LCD display and rich list of business features. 

These devices support only one SIP line. Both models have built in 10/100Mbps network ports with support of Ethernet power supply (802.3af PoE – only on GXP285) and full duplex speaker phone with echo cancellation, 1 phone line with FLASH function allowing to accept 2 simultaneous calls, 3 XML soft keys and a headphone jack. GXP280 and GXP285 IP phone models are a best choice for SOHO segment users due to such functions as: autodial without picking up the handset, auto reply, quick dial, downloadable ringtones, support for reserve servers and protection from errors. Phone has security features supporting SRTP and AES protocols.

  • Devices support one phone line and have Flash function supporting up to 2 simultaneous calls
  • Two 10/100M Ethernet ports
  • High quality broadband sound and full duplex speakerphone with enhanced echo cancellation feature.
  • LCD display with 128x32 resolution support several languages
  • Compatibility with most of IP-PBX platforms and SIP devices.

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