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Grandstream GXV-3140

Grandstream GXV-3140

Grandsteam GXV-3140 video phone from Grandstream Networks represents a next generation of interpersonal IP multimedia communications. Extraordinary quality of video, advanced telephone functions and rich user interface are implemented in a smooth industrial design of this stand out device. This model of the phone has crystal clean color 4,3 inch display and 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera, built in dual port switch and wide range of additional interfaces, such as slots for SD cards, USB port, stereo headsets, audio and video output etc, advanced standards of video compression H.263/263+, H.264 and full duplex speaker phone.
This device implements a rich mixture of „all in one”: possibility of real time video conference, support for various WEB and social networks, Internet radio, RSS mail, music streams, games and many more. Grandstream GXV-3140 creates a powerful converged platform for the next generation of IP multimedia communications.

It can work through Wi-Fi with help of USB adapter.
Technical Characteristics:
  • 3 SIP lines
  • Color 4.3 inch LDC display with a resolution of 480x272 pixels.
  • 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera
  • Dual port 10/100 Mb/s switch
  • Optional FXS/FXO port
  • SD/MMC/SDHC/, USB, stereo headphones with mic, stereo audio output, video output, 2 default display positions, wall mount
  • High quality full duplex speaker phone with acoustic echo cancellation
  • H.264 base video codec (CABAC)
  • H.263 and H.263+ enhanced video codec with a standard videobitrate from 64kb up to 1Mb and 30 frames per second, QVGA/CIF/QCIF resolutions.
  • Web browser, Yahoo IM, MSN, Google, RSS, Internet Radio, audio/video streams, alarm clock, calendar, games, various ringtones
  • Intuitive user interface, with custom configuration, multi language interface
  • Advanced NAT technology, plug & play
  • High security standards based on TLS/SRTP/AES

Grandstream Gxv-3140

Here at Callcentric we could turned out to be overwhelmed with the lots of IP SIP like phones, ATAs and IP PBXs solutions that run around in the wild. IP PBX to connect them all together, no doubt for more work. Yes it's a privilege and we love flexibility and freedom, we virtually do. In case you love flexibility as a result then this kind of last few words must are absolutely comforting to you. Now let me tell you something. We usually were excited to announce succeeding modern Features and Promotions accessible as of September 24, features comprise free Toll Free number porting, free Vanity Toll Free number search, modern account center alerts, improved security with IP whitelisting and bugfixes for three way and four way calling.

You've got our own modern Android phone, 2GB RAM, quad core Exynos as well as a 9MP front facing camera. You receive a SIP call on our SIP softphone and the mate is probably describing this awesome newest craze in Japan. You should take it into account. He wants to show you but he'll have to wait to get off phone to send pics on through, instagram or facebook regular 'snail email'. That is interesting right? Wouldn't it be loads of easier to turn on the video feed while on the call and see awesomeness in realtime? As and guess what will use video with Callcentric, well you could and you will you.

You can't navigate IVR menus. Of course you have bad audio quality on calls. Besides, you have echo on calls. Then, your registration is constantly dropping. You get timeout errors. Notice, our own incoming phone calls don't reach you. You mostly get one phone to ring when call hunting. For instance, ahhhhh! a great deal of doable issues. A well-known reality that is. The reality probably was that anything that could possibly go incorrect may go incorrect when using IP based communications. Reverse always was that everything could go right. This is where it starts getting really entertaining. for times when they go incorrect we're here to lend a knowledgeable hand. A well-known matter of fact that is. Keep explore → the GXV3140 from Grandstream packages a pleasing facade with both fundamental and advanced functions. This IP Phone offers decent quality video, audio and even extra usable features which attempt to make it your own hub quite fast obtainable media and communications experience. The GXV3140 helps from latest redesigns and functionality across devices Grandstream outline. It is bureau users will consider something to appreciate while home users will see something to admire.

Here at Callcentric we could happen to be overwhelmed with the plenty of IP SIP like ATAs, phones or IP PBXs solutions that run around in the wild. Now let me tell you something. IP PBX to connect them all together, beyond doubt for more work. Yes it's a privilege and we love the flexibility and freedom, we truly do. Let me tell you something. In case you love flexibility too then this kind of last few words must been absolutely comforting to you. We always were excited to announce the subsequent modern Features and Promotions attainable as of September 24, features comprise free Toll Free number porting, free Vanity Toll Free number search, modern account center alerts, improved security with IP whitelisting and bugfixes for three way and four way calling.

Grandstream GXV3140 IP multimedia phone given to me for testing. With that said, from outset, my impressions were highly good. a big packaging was quality and obviously added to excitement of getting device up and running. For a while to do merely that! You should take this seriously. Setup was really dead simple and integrating it to the Trixbox PABX was childbaby's play. We had 2 units in for ages unto we were making video and call to one another. Remember, you usually can have your own phone and our computer connectedvia a single network point because unit comes with a 3″ TFT colour dualEthernet, LCD as well as three Megapixel camera ports. PoE was usually not accessible for this model. Essentially, it would were a gentle addition but then there have been more costly models that do offer that functionality.

So, being a multimedia phone, it comes with a host of web applications such as a web browser, skype, facebook, MSN, IM as well as Google, RSS feedsfor weather, news and stocks, and similar various features includeInternet radio, multimedia streaming from Internet, SD USB support, flickr and support web photo albums. This is where it starts getting very serious. It in addition has a builtin alarm calendar, clock and likewise games etcetera features list was quite impressiveand we looked with success for it pretty useful to have a few of this kind of feeds, such as the weather forecast, reachable at a glance.

The firmware version that was onthe phonedidn't have Skype installed on it but apparently Skype probably was included with more latter firmware updates. As a outcome, commune Media platforms such as Facebook and MSN. For these apps, they looked for navigating aroundvia the buttons to bea little cumbersome compared to doing it on a computer. As a outcome, same applies to the web browser. Whenever failing that it's quite nifty to have a smooth means of getting on to Internet, that willbe yourfirst choice for browsing, in the event there was probably a computer handy. The phone core functions usually were really good indeed. Voice and video quality are bothsuperb, as we've come to expect from Grandstream. There's a lot more information about it on this web page. all inputs were always performed under the patronage of buttons, this particular model has always been not a touch screen. This took some getting used to, once I got it hang they figured out menu navigationto befairly unsophisticated.

In reality, all in all the GXV3140 is usually clear, a crisp and extremely capable phone. Seriously. It's plain simple to setup and configure, and it has a quality feel about it. This always was surely a decent phone to consider, in case you need voice and video calling at an affordable price. It's a well Whenever removing commitment for a separate alarm clock and giving you fast access to the weather forecast for the following fortnight, it will even make a quite good bedside phone. I'm sure you heard about this. With touch screen functionality, I'd consider the Grandstream GXV3157 model as multi-optional, in case want something some more powerful. As a consequence, any of these phones were always attainable from Miro Distribution.

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