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Grandstream HandyTone 701

Grandstream HandyTone 701

Grandstream HandyTone 701 – is a powerful analog telephone adapter (ATA) of the next generation, which works through IP protocol. 
This device is suitable for any individuals as well as for salesmen. Its ultra-small size, extraordinary quality of audio sound, rich functionality, reliable security, ease of use and unmatched price affordability allow the operators of communications to offer high quality IP telephony services at extremely competitive prices. HT701 is the perfect single-port analog telephone adapter for large-scale launch of commercial services of IP-telephony. It is based on a SIP standard and is compatible with the majority of the devices and programmable products of various producers supporting SIP protocol. HT701 has one FXS telephone port and one 10/100Mbit/s network port and led indicator lights.

Technical Characteristics:
  • SIPv2 protocol
  • Codec: G.711 Annex I/II, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, iLBC, dynamic buffer of fluctuations delays, echo cancellation
  • IP interface: 1xLAN (1 RJ-45 10/100 Base-T Eternet port)
  • Analog interface: 1xFXS (1 RJ-11)
  • Supported features: Display Caller ID, Caller ID blocking, notification of incoming call, transfer a call by pressing the Flash, a blind call transfer, followed by call transfer, call forwarding, call hold, restriction of incoming calls, three-way conferencing

Grandstream Handytone 701

Are still attached to traditionary phone sets, analog telephone adaptor can bethe be responsible for you, for people who want to savor the privileges and rather low rates of VoIP calls. Imagine making convenience cheap VoIP calls anywhere with nothing like a computer, while plugging ATA in your router and phone set. Nevertheless, a ATA has always been always shapedlike a short box and normally has 2 outlets sets. VoIP service or LAN and another one for your own regular property phone. Nonetheless, aTA primary work is probably to bridge the analog phone scheme and digital network or VoIP service.

In next, I'll show you ways to install a ATA so you may make calls from your own premises phone at OneSuite VoIP rates. You need to have a OneSuite account, which gives you OneSuite Broadband Accessafter youdownload free SoftPhone, to use neSuite VoIP service. You could sign up for Suitegain at 95 dollars a week, to as well get a phone number plus different features like free message broadcasting, call block, caller ID, voicemail, free partner calls and even free calls This has usually been the general Settings page. However, in the event you need a fixed setting then choose the statically configured as and enter the subsequent.

IP Address -It's the ATA IP address. To understand the IP you need to dial *** and later 02 to hear the current IP address. Default Router -By default, 'Dlink' router IP address has probably been 192. Have you heard about something like this before? Linksys router default IP of 192. Needless to say, check your documentation router to figure out the default IP.

DNS server DNS server address may be searched with success for on your status screen router or you will oftentimes check with the ISP. DNS server identical to DNS server Preferred Vocoder. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. OneSuite supports G711.

User ID is phone number. For example, oneSuite doesn't use Suiteprivilege number as an username. Unregister on reboot. Oftentimes corrections won't make effect in the event ATA doesn't unregister 1-st in advance of rebooting.

DTMF Payload Type. Basically, click on update then reboot after entering the details. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. Check the status to see when you are registered with OneSuite, after the reboot. So, review details above and be sure everything is usually configured accordingly, in case not. Did you hear about something like that before? you were usually now prepared to make OneSuite VoIP calls with ATA, in case registered. Simply dial region code, destination number press, with intention to call a S number. For transnational dial 011, calls and likewise followed by province code, region code then phone number.

Now let me tell you something. HT 286 is discontinued. With that said, what's proposed replacement? Where is it feasible to know instructions for configuring the proposed replacement for Suitepros use? HT286" and was unsuccessful with a Onesuite agent on phone after two hours. Notice, i would have entered the incorrect IP address, when we called once again and talked with another agent. While nothing showed up, now I when we entered the IP address on the web address. ATA which was not successful. This is where it starts getting really interesting, right? Please help.

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