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Digium D70 IP Phone for Asterisk

Digium D70 IP Phone for Asterisk

The Digium D70 is a phone capable of providing HD quality of voice and PoE, it comes with six line keys and ten digital, rapid dial buttons providing status information in real time and additionally a field indicators of a busy lamp for one hundred of your most valuable contacts. The D70 is created for executives and administrators, it was built specially for Switchvox phone system ans Asterisk.
Digium IP phone models include unrivalled HD Voice and plug & play deployment at very affordable pricing that can fit any budget. Being provided with its multiple lines appearances, advanced applications and context sensitive soft keys, it allows you to gain access to the instantly required information. The phones designed by Digium are the only phones allowing you taking complete advantage of the customization and flexibility of Switchvos and Asterisk.

Phone integrated applications, which come as a standard package on Digium IP phones include: call log, voicemail button, phone status, contacts, user presence, call metric and parking.  The D70 phone ensures simple access to a variety of available information.

Plug and play provisioning is support by the Digium D70 IP phone. You just simply have to plug the phones in, discover you Switchvox or Asterisk server, choose the user and start a conversation. Devices designed by Digium make it a lot easier to perform office installation too.
Key Features:
  • HD Voice Quality
  • 6 Line keys, 10 Feature Keys, 10 Rapid dial keys
  • 4 Context sensitive softkeys
  • Dual 10/100/1000 PoE Ethernet
  • 4.5inch Backlit LCD
  • LCD Rapid Dial panel
  • Full Duplex Speaker phone
  • Headset, mute, and speaker keys
  • Message Waiting indication light
  • RJ9 Headset Port
  • 5V power port

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