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DrayTek Vigor2930Vn

DrayTek Vigor2930Vn

DrayTek Vigor2930Vn new series routers have two separate WAN ports for connection to Internet service providers through Ethernet with load balancing on interfaces and redundant communication. This solution is often necessary for connection of any office to two different providers to organize a permanent access to the Internet.
In this case, one of the providers (e.g. with more favorable prices) can be used as a primary, and during the failure of the provider’s network, office can automatically switch to another provider.

Also, by using a load balancing you can direct e-mail traffic through one provider, and transfer files via FTP, provide Internet for staff, and use VPN data channels through another Internet provider.

This router has wide opportunities for QoS support, multi Firewall using WEB / URL - Content filters, bandwidth management for clients in the LAN network, the ability to block P2P and IM services make this series of routers, ones of the best for placing in SOHO / SMB solutions when connecting to the Internet network from offices, banks and other enterprises'.

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