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Digium TMD800P Analog Telephony Card

Digium TMD800P Analog Telephony Card

TDM800P is an eight Port analog PCI 3.3/5.0V Card equipped with echo cancellation and 8 Trunk Interfaces. This is a half length PCI 2.2 complaint, 8 port card meant for connection of analog POTS lines and analog phones via personal computer. It provides support for combinations of FXO and FXS modules maximum of eight lines.

TDM800P has eight standard two wire RJ-11 interfaces on a single PCI bracket. This device allows you to forget about the need of external dongles, splitters and multiple brackets. TDM800P decreases the complexity of a setup process, cable clutter and limits the point of failure.

The TDM 800P card has to module banks, where each bank can support up to four analog interfaces. Module banks can be filled with standard quad analog module or up to two standard single analog modules ensuring the creation of any port combinations. Moreover TDM800P can be used together with HPEC (high performance echo canceller), a high quality solution for echo cancellation.

Key features:
  • 8 FXO ports
  • PCI Interface
  • 3.3V/5.0V compatible
  • Built in Echo Cancellation system

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