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Topex Voxell

Topex Voxell

Analog GSM Gateway Topex Voxell is a simple and reliable way to reduce the cost of mobile communications for small and medium-sized companies. By connecting Voxell to a corporate telephone system you will be able to send all outgoing mobile calls through a gateway directly to the cellular network that supports GSM/3G standards, skipping expensive connections through wired lines.

In addition, Voxel gateway supports reprogramming of  FXO/FXS port connections, allowing using this as a gateway as connection and a user PBX line.

Analog port of Voxel GSM Gateway can be configured as FXO or FXS. Depending on the situation and the required functionality, the gateway can either be connected to a trunk station, or to the local line.

In the cases where 3G network is not available, Voxel gateway automatically will register itself in the GSM network, so that the voice channel will continue to operate and connection through the gateway will not be lost.

When connected to a PBX, Voxel GSM Gateway allows maximum savings on outgoing mobile phone calls by sending calls through that mobile network through which the cost is the smallest.

GSM, which is connected to a PC with special software, allows to send/receive SMS messages via email.

The gateway uses GPRS / UMTS data protocols. That allows you to connect to the Internet in places where it is not possible to organize a connection using dedicated line. 

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