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Teles. VoIPBOX LCR is a device that can be connected to PSTN, analog PBX extensions and the VoIP network. Allows you to connect your current system to the world of Voice over IP the way it is now, without having to make any changes. VoIPBOX LCR gateway is an analog VoIP gateway with integrated router. Its features ensure full compatibility with any telephone equipment and complete interoperability with any third party VoIP hardware.
This device helps to save money on any call you make. Its LCR features auto identification of the cheapest route to the destination you are calling to. With VoIPBOX LCR you no longer need an external gatekeeper or SIP server, the device speeds up call establishments, reduces the maintenance of the network and improves the robustness of the network. VoIPBOX LCR’s architecture does all this by elimination a single point of failure. Officer gateway distributes and maintains updated dialing tables. Address translation is performed by each gateway and any chosen gateway can act as the Officer function.

The system provides support for a wide range of dialing plans and allows configuring the level of a port. For flexibility of the calls VoIPBOX LCR’s gateways enable two stage dialing. IVR can be customized and is able to assist throughout the process. Additionally this device has a highly functional built in IP router and integrated DHCP server. So you can make WAN routing, LAN switching and VoIP in one package. The voice quality is guaranteed by the support of all standard VoIP features.

Teles VoIPBOX LCR has three security levels: embedded firewall, gateway level/call level authentication and an encrypted remote. The firewall is configurable to various security levels, including the complete block of all data with the exception of VoIP.

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