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Teles. VoIPBOX GSM 4FX – is a unified wireless VoIP gateway perfectly suited for corporate users looking for a solution allowing unifying cellular networks GSM(GPRS) or CDMA, VoIP channels and analog phone lines into a single communication system in an enterprise. This device will help to solve several communication tasks at once with help of a single device, requiring a lot less financial expenditures than on any other similar hardware. The user of this hardware will have an additional advantage due to unified control system of the device. TELES.iGate converts all calls from landlines into a GSM or CDMA network, additionally all call can be converted into an IP network via more favorable route.
Teles. VoIPBOX GSM 4FX is:
  • Built in GSM and CDMA modules
  • Built-in VoIP gateway
  • 4 FXS ports
  • Ability of work with external SIM server
  • Built in IP router via GPRS(GSM) or CDMA connection channels
  • Most favorable call routing through GSM, CDMA, VoIP, analog communication lines
  • Easy setup and friendly interface

Special Characteristics:
  • Teles. VoIPBOX GSM 4FX ensures flexible call routing under different criteria, such as: time restrictions (date, time of the day, call duration, caller groups, types of cellular networks, preprogrammed phone numbers, SIM cards profile
  • Teles. VoIPBOX GSM 4FX supports two VoIP protocols simultaneously (H.323 and SIP), what makes this device compatible with wide assortment of additional VoIP hardware. For VoIP telephony a number of additional services have been added.
  • Various voice codec allow controlling the quality of the audio voice. RTP-multiplexing technology which was realized in TELES hardware, allow controlling VoIP communication channels more rationally.
  • Terminal can be configured and controlled via LAN (Ethernet) or with help of a separate computer. 

Technical Characteristics:
  • 4 GSM or CDMA communication channels
  • 4 analog FXS ports
  • 8 VoIP communication channels
  • 1 SIM card or 1R – UIM – card per channel
  • 1 external antenna, SMA port
  • Digital Voice channels
  • Built in IP router
  • 2 Ethernet ports 

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