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3CX interoperable VoIP telephone systems

Company 3CX ,the developer of the multi-awarded 3CX Phone System for Windows and Yealink Network Technology CO., Ltd. a prominent designer and producer of VoIP telephone systems, announced on merely successful interoperability tests between 3CX Phone System and Yealink IP Phones.
Nick Galea, CEO, 3CX says “We are pleased to announce interoperability with Yealink. Yealink phones are easy to configure and very cost effective - they are an excellent addition to the range of VoIP telephone systems that we support. 3CX customers and partners can be assured that Yealink phones are fully tested and supported with 3CX.”

“We are very pleased with the interoperability of our award-winning products and 3CX. The combination of the 3CX IP PBX and our Enterprise HD IP Phone create an excellent value and innovation solution for the Small and Medium Businesses.” said Stone Lu, VP of Yealink.

3CX Phone System for Windows is designed on the SIP protocol, and supports nearly all VoIP telephone systems, gateways, and PSTN lines. It delivers flexible and user friendly scalable alternative to proprietary PABX telephony systems, which is easy to install and manage; therefore enabling businesses to enjoy a full set of advanced VoIP telephone systems features, drastically cutting costs and reducing telecommunications fee, with simultaneous enhancing of staff’s and administrational performance, productivity and customers satisfaction.

Yealink SIP-T2x series proprietary HD IP Phones, including SIP-T28P/SIP-T26P/ SIP-T22P/SIP-T20P, with in-built the TI TITAN chipset and TI Voice Engine, provides impeccable crystal clear voice, full spectrum of voice codecs, security features and other lucrative operational elements such as BLF/BLA, PoE, Pnp Auto- provision, and now, proven working interoperability with 3CX.

Facts about 3CX
3CX is the developer of 3CX Phone System – a Windows based platform of open standards in frames of unified communications concept, that operates with standard VoIP telephones systems and substitutes a proprietary PBX. 3CX can deliver substantial cost savings as collateral effect of increasing productivity. 3CX Phone System for Windows, has received Windows Server Certification and has got set of awards, such as The Gold Award, the Windows IT Pro magazine 2008 Editor’s Best Award and a Best Buy Award by Computer Shopper Magazine. 3CX has offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Australia and Hong Kong.

Facts about Yealink
Yealink is dedicated designer and producer of VoIP telephones systems, as well as video phones for broadband telephony market worldwide. Yealink phone systems are fully interoperable with the SIP industry standard, and have broad interoperability with the major IP-PBX, softswitch and IMS on the current market.

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