World VoIP News40 percent of iPhone sales are to business customers40 percent of iPhone sales are to business customers

40 percent of iPhone sales are to business customers

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Apple's iPhone appears to be accelerating into the enterprise. Last week AT&T revealed that 40 percent of its iPhone sales since the beginning of the year have been to business customers. The company, however, isn't breaking out numbers.
Analysts estimate that AT&T, which began selling iPhones in 2007, has about 15 million iPhone users representing about 17 percent of its total customer base.

Speaking at an investor conference in New York last week, Ron Spears, head of AT&T's business services division, said AT&T also generates nearly half of its total revenue from business customers. That would imply business revenue of nearly $62 billion across both the operator's wireline and wireless businesses based on analyst expectations for 2010 total revenue of $124 billion.

The iPhone's march into the enterprise could accelerate even further after iPhone 4.0 is released into the market. Apple is expected to reveal the next generation of the iPhone on June 7. The iPhone 4.0 is expected to feature multi-tasking, which will enable applications and software such as anti-virus software to run in the background.

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