World VoIP NewsAgilis selects 3CX Phone System to Support VoIP GatewaysAgilis selects 3CX Phone System to Support VoIP Gateways

Agilis selects 3CX Phone System to Support VoIP Gateways

Agilis selects 3CX Phone System to Support VoIP Gateways
Gas turbine industry associated software and data exchange applications provider Agilis was facing a real challenge. The company’s Toshiba CTX-IP phone system had become obsolete and extremely expensive to maintain. The company needed to migrate to the 3CX Phone System to ensure its all vital telecommunications functions were retained and easy to operate. The company had to invest in solutions to support VoIp gateways and upgrade its PBX infrastructure so that it could keep pace with the same high quality levels of software solutions.
Agilis also needed to select solutions that could conjoin VoIP gateways that would add some operational expertise into the environment. The company required a versatile phone system that had the capability to run on the Windows platform as officials did not want the complexity and time-consuming aspects of a Linux system. The new phone system would also have to make use of the existing 160 Yealink T26 and T28 IP phones. The enterprise finally found that its Yealink T26 and T28 IP phones achieved incremental interoperability with the 3CX Phone System, while also providing stable HD voice and additional configurable features. The new system would also have to make use of two T1s through VoIP gateways. In order to execute this task, Agilis has chosen the SmartNode 4960 from Patton Electronics. This solution can support 90 simultaneous VoIP calls and scale up to 120 calls with a simple software upgrade.

In addition to be in the streamline with Agilis’ VoIP gateways requirements, the 3CX Phone System also provided a mission crucial open hierarchy system that could ensure innovative unified communications features for monitoring gas turbines and delivering mobility across four offices in different countries. The scalability in the solution could easily support 150 Agilis employees with advanced capabilities.

Brian Dunn of Agilis noted, “We were in the market for a phone system that ran on Windows and that could be hosted on our existing equipment and integrated with our current IT infrastructure. The 3CX Phone System had and continues to have great reviews.” The deployment of this solution that can support Agilis’ VoIP gateways helped to deliver considerable savings for the company, while also increasing its productivity. Employees can now enjoy mobility with increased integration capabilities while on the road, and drive additional revenues through boosted sales as no call is ever missed.

“We have been very pleased with the overall capability of the 3CX telephone system within our business. With a Windows-based system, we have control over the phones and don’t have to pay for support from our old provider,” added Dunn.

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