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Agreement on GENBAND VoIP hardware

Agreement on GENBAND VoIP hardware
Company GENBAND, a prominent developer of VoIP infrastructure and service solutions, announced that Quantum Global Networks' (QGN) group company ‘ ’ REDtone Pakistan’ ’ , a leading enterprise in Pakistan telecommunication industry, and particularly long distance telephony, as well as Quantum Global Communications Inc. USA (QGC USA), a young wholesale and retail telecoms service supplier in the U.S., have chosen GENBAND's S3™ Session Border Controller (SBC) to ensure circumspect and wise wholesale peering solution.
It means that REDtone / QGC USA , Verscom Solutions, a next-generation solutions deliverer and GENBAND's value-added Master Reseller in the Europe, Middle East, Africa region, have engaged in a multilateral partnership agreement for the confirmation and deployment, as well as whole buildup design, technical configuration, installation and maintenance of the GENBAND's VoIP product. Verscom will also accept the responsibilities of all necessary customers training and 24x7 service support of their network.

“We are proud to team with Verscom to provide REDtone and QGC USA with a truly global interconnect solution that is both cost-effective and easily manageable,” said Mehmet Balos, Chief Marketing Officer of GENBAND. “ Carriers can now flow calls smoothly over their multi-node network, ensuring advanced network security, quality of service and interoperability to support enhanced next-generation VoIP communication services. As a result, these innovative carriers can deliver superior service to its demanding end customers, giving them a clear competitive advantage in the growing international wholesale VoIP marketplace.”

The main idea of this marriage is REDtone and QGC USA efforts to leverage GENBAND's VoIP interconnectivity by making it direct and efficient with VoIP operators in order to make regional VoIP traffic flows really local, as well as to balance the bandwidth consumption. As per companies officials, this approach will simplify network peering and ensure impeccable voice quality. The hi-tech methodology of session and media routing promises superior service quality in all senses, including highest level network security, scalability and telecoms capacity.

GENBAND's S3 Session Border Controllers currently is used in various worlds’ largest service provider networks as the crucial border element to securely maintain, route and control real-time voice and multimedia sessions at network-to-network interfaces.

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