World VoIP NewsAmericans sells part of Japanese operations for USD100mAmericans sells part of Japanese operations for USD100m

Americans sells part of Japanese operations for USD100m

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IIJ to take over AT&T’s Japanese outsourcing services.
Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), an internet access and network solutions provider in Japan, has signed a stock purchase agreement with AT&T Japan, under which it will acquire the stock of the new company established by AT&T in Japan. Through the acquisition, IIJ will make AT&T Japan a 100% wholly owned subsidiary and take over the latter’s business - the delivery of domestic network outsourcing services (e.g. WAN services) to approximately 1,600 domestic corporate customers. IIJ is scheduled to acquire the stock of the new company on 1 September 2010 by using its own cash and new short-term bank borrowings, TeleGeography reports.

The date of the stock purchase may change subject to changes in the market, it added. AT&T Japan provides global connectivity services and managed applications to customers business in Japan, with an advanced portfolio of hosting and other value added services activities such as mobile enterprise applications, cloud computing, application management, security, Telepresence and unified communications.

The sale price is about $100m, based on May 31 exchange rate for Japanese yen. The parties expect to close the deal in early September.

IIJ provides data center services, cloud-based services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), managed services, hosting and network management services. The company is expected to start building a new container-based data center sometime this month. The facility is designed by IIJ, which expects to be able to cool it by outside air throughout the year and reduce the facility cost of its cloud services by 40 percent, DatacenterDynamics writes.

The deal with AT&T includes 250 employees that support the customer-base IIJ will inherit along with the purchased assets.

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