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Android grows by 55 percent

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Google's Android operating system gained mobile web browsing market share faster than any other mobile OS between the months of November and December 2009, according to market tracking site Net Applications.
Android usage for surfing the web increased by 54.8 percent. Its increase was likely fueled by the large advertising push by Motorola for its T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ and Verizon Wireless Motorola DROID devices, as well as the increasing number of Android phones on the market from other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung.

Despite its inferior web browser, RIM's BlackBerry OS use grew by 22.2 percent; it was trailed by Apple's iPhone OSX (20.1 percent), Symbian (19 percent), and Java ME (15.6 percent).

The gains show an increase in mobile web browsing overall, although mobile browsing is still only responsible for just 1.35 percent of all surfing.

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