World VoIP NewsApplied Global Technologies launches new VoIP and Video Conferencing SolutionsApplied Global Technologies launches new VoIP and Video Conferencing Solutions

Applied Global Technologies launches new VoIP and Video Conferencing Solutions

Applied Global Technologies launches new VoIP and Video Conferencing Solutions
Company AGT (Applied Global Technologies) announced the v6.5 release of its pilot Unified Communications Video Platform ‘’ENCORE’’, created to expand outreach of a business and government video conferencing applications to the distant or mobile workforce. ENCORE enables mobile users on iOS-based smart phones (iPhone) or tablets (iPad) to launch or join video conferences with desktops and offices participants in a multipoint mode.
“By implementing Encore, AGT continues to stress an effort on developing solutions for our Enterprise customers to provide the most efficient and effective means of collaboration for its mobile workforce,” described Mike Valletutti, CEO and co- founder of AGT. “AGT was first to connect H.323 video conferencing solutions with PCs and MACs, and our latest product release provides the mobile user with access to video conference events through the use of tablets and smart phones. Through our engineering and design centre located in Atlanta, Georgia, we will continue to design new products and enhance existing products to meet the continued changing needs of our customers.” ENCORE merely removes all the barriers in creating a real end-to- end IP video conferencing experience in unimpeded connecting its mobile employees throughout the most commonly used end points. ENCORE was built to be utilized within private and public network, and as a result, does not require clumsy interaction with the internal IT department to open ports. ENCORE is fully interoperable with both Polycom RMX and Cisco Codian network infrastructure elements for multipoint meetings, and contains internal HD/SD ports for extending H.323 point-to-point with iOS-based mobile devices. With support for H.329 content and live desktop sharing, tablet and smart phone users can receive live content while interacting through VoIP, in addition to streaming video. The Apple certified application can be taken at iTunes. ENCORE is designed to be embedded within video conferencing solutions, which makes immediately possible and supports such functionalities as Teleworking, Training, Outsourcing, as well as Supply chains and Customer services.

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