World VoIP NewsAsterisk VoIP telephony provider Aastra performed at ITEXPO 2010Asterisk VoIP telephony provider Aastra performed at ITEXPO 2010

Asterisk VoIP telephony provider Aastra performed at ITEXPO 2010

Asterisk VoIP telephony provider Aastra performed at ITEXPO 2010
Company Aaastra has produced a rampant burst of news in VoIP technologies World. When being at ITEXPO 2010 in Los Angeles, Company declared two new partnerships and a new VoIP software solution.
Aastra is a $1 billion business that has been presented on market for 30 years and sells telecommunications gateways, VoIP PBX solutions and applications – has announced the release of ‘’Aastra Connector’’, a tailored software application that operates with any Asterisk SIP phone. It is a PC-based application that enables a customer click and search directories on his or her PC, and then click on them to start up a phone call on the Asterisk-based SIP phone.

Additionally Aastra also revealed this week that Graybar will be authorized reseller of the Aastra MX-ONE Compact solution. Company’s officials reminded in their official statements, that the MX-ONE Compact is backed up by technology that Aastra acquired through its 2008 acquisition of Ericsson’s business unit. The MX- ONE Compact is an VoIP PBX/SIP soft switch that has an open hierarchy to support 50 through 50,000 endpoints, and delivers all the large enterprise-class features one would get in a much more massive system. Also during the ITEXPO, Aastra announced another just born relationship with Telchemy . In order to leverage it business efforts, Aastra will resell Telchemy’s LAN performance solution.

In addition to the MX-ONE Compact application mentioned above, Aastra offers a long product line of analog and digital endpoints, SIP endpoints, an open source Asterisk-based system, and a full packages of unified communications features including presence, voice recognition, unified messaging, unified call control and more – all of which is integrated with its VoIP PBX solutions. Company’s officials specially stressed on the facts that Aastra holds a massive selection of open source solutions that deliver a lot of features and allow users to scale; Aastra boast to have an impeccable financial stability, which means it will be around for the long term.

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