World VoIP NewsAT&T commitment on VDSL are in progressAT&T commitment on VDSL are in progress

AT&T commitment on VDSL are in progress

So called pair bonded VDSL (Very high bit-rate Digital subscriber Line) is being marketed, eventually, in 22 US states by At&T. The story started in 2007, when first announcements of AT&T to stick to VDSL technologies appeared.
VDSL technologies was expected respond on cable driven COMCAST’ s DOCSIS 3.0 . By implementation of bonded VDSL, AT&T will be able to reach more customers because they will be able to extend its so called U-Verse service an additional 1-2,000 feet from the Video Ready Access Device (VRAD).

This reach will allow AT&T to get nearly 30 million homes and residencies by the end of next year. This goal could be never achieved just with current introduction of modem chipset settings. At&T claimed to reach delivery rate as 80 Mbps per service. Nevertheless, in according with experts’ analysis, cable will have almost unbeatable advantage over AT&T in matter of broadband speed. For example,100 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0. service is available on selected markets already, and Comcats’s 50 mbps DOCSIS 3.0 is available almost without limitations. Experts says, AT&T will be forced to stick to DSL innovations, such as Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) and vectoring, as the necessary condition to override cable carriers.

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