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Company Indosoft, a vendor of multi-tenant call center software for Digium’s Asterisk, announced that, a wireless Internet Service Provider, integrated its iHostPBX. This deployment enables to enter the era of VoIP technologies and related phone services, as well as offer dedicated 'ePhone' VoIP phone service to clienteles.
“As an established wireless ISP with coverage extending across an extremely large and rural area, we were looking to add reliable VoIP telephony services for our customers,” said Greg Friedman, owner and CTO of, in a press release.

“To deliver a quality service, we built up an architecture that allowed all voice traffic to stay within our managed network. We were well aware of the popularity of Asterisk as a VoIP telephony platform and found Indosoft offering a rich multi-tenant product with a powerful, user friendly GUI,” Friedman added.

iHostPBX is a multi-tenant, multi-box PBX array for Asterisk telephony and is a vital integral component of associated call center ACD, Q-Suite.

Indosoft released this multi-tenant PBX wrapper to add its call center ACD. Its feature-rich GUI and ability to scale to multiple Asterisk servers gives the ability to offer VoIP based telephony services that can grow with demand while remaining extremely affordable.

“Q-Suite has established itself as the leading multi-tenant call center ACD software for Asterisk and provides effortless migrations to Asterisk,” said James Terhune CTO of Indosoft. “The incorporation of PBX wrapper within the call center software leverages the advantages of established PBX features within Asterisk.”

Recently, Indosoft boasted that it upgraded its predictive dialer technology based on open source Asterisk. The predictive dialer technology is reported to be fully compliant with FCC United States and the CRTC, Canada, guidelines so that the predictive dialer drops less than 3 percent of the total number of calls connected, excluding answering machines.

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