World VoIP NewsBear Creek Technologies sues AT&T and others for steeling VoIP ideasBear Creek Technologies sues AT&T and others for steeling VoIP ideas

Bear Creek Technologies sues AT&T and others for steeling VoIP ideas

Bear Creek Technologies sues AT&T and others for steeling VoIP ideas
Alabama headquartered company Bear Creek Technologies has forwarded lawsuit against telecommunications giants AT&T and Qwest, claiming a patent infringement over VoIP technology that associated with phone call sending over the Web.
The lawsuit itself was filed in Nor­folk, Va., federal court against 23 of the most prominent names in the telecoms industry. The complaint alleges the enterprises infringed on technology created by Bear Creek Technologies founder Jo­seph Thompson that is the fundament of VoIP. There is an official definition from the Federal Communications Commission, depicting VoIP as the technology which transforms a us­er's voice into a digital signal and makes it to travel over the Internet and be received by ei­ther a traditional phone or a phone connected to the In­ternet. It's considered to be a revolutionary technology.

"When Joe invented the VoIP technology that went into this patent, it was when a lot of companies were not even investing in this," said Anthony Miele, representative of Bear Creek Tech­nologies. Thompson's particular patent is No. 7,889,722 titled "System for Interconnecting Standard Telephony Equipment to Internet Protocol Networks." Though the companies have used VoIP technology for some time, Bear Creek could file the lawsuit for patent infringement only after the patent was issued.

Bear Creek is seeking injunctive relief and unspecified damages, Miele said. The array of defendants consists with Verizon Communications, Time­Warner Cable, Comcast Corp., Vonage and T­Mobile USA. Several of the defendants being served with the complaint declined to comment on the litigation when tried to be reached by journalists. Bear Creek Technologies, founded in Birmingham in 1995, is the vendor of specific network management software TrafficWisea. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2004 to reorganize its finances after losing a $3.4 million verdict in a breach­of­contract suit filed by Bell­South Intellectual Property Marketing Corp. The firm is now based in Orange Beach.

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