World VoIP NewsBeroNet releases new cloud based VoIP gateway BeroNet releases new cloud based VoIP gateway

BeroNet releases new cloud based VoIP gateway

BeroNet releases new cloud based VoIP gateway
Enterprise BeroNet, being the prominent vendor of ISDN, Analog, Hybrid and Fixed GSM VoIP PCI Cards and applications in Europe, announced the release of “BeroCloud”, a unique Web based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) card and gateway appliance. Utility BeroCloud, as described by company officials, is the world’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based solution designed for VoIP solution providers as well as whole industry of Internet Telephony Services
The solution enables these customers to run their integrated base of BeroNet devices by means of the Web browser.
A Cloud SaaS  solution, BeroCloud  provides the capability for VoIP solution providers and ITSPs operators to remotely monitor their applications, update hardware, backup configurations, recover settings, design projects and schedule automatic tasks.
“BeroCloud is a game changer for the entire VoIP PBX  Solution Provider and Carrier industry,” stated Nadahl Shocair, communications industry expert and adviser to BeroNet, in a statement.
“Unlike any other VoIP PCI Card or Gateway  solution on the world market, this is a World First as it enables every customer of BeroNet to make the easy step into the Cloud to effectively and efficiently manage and monitor their entire installed base of BeroNet VoIP PCI Cards and Gateways through the ubiquity of the Internet and from any device, be it their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone,” Shocair added.
BeroCloud is now reachable in Beta version. The service is now available to BeroNet Certified Solution Providers by invitation only. BeroNet offers VoIP telephony access solutions, empowering the evolution and the embrace of the next generation of IP communications with technologies that combine the best of the Internet with the best of the existing fixed and mobile telephony infrastructure, the company said.
Earlier last year, the company declared a partnership with 3CX, a developer of the popular software PBX for Windows - 3CX Phone System, to pair 3CX’s software-based IP-PBX with Berofix VoIP gateways. As the integral part of this partnership, BeroNet also certified interoperability between 3CX’s popular PBX for Windows and Beronet’s Berofix VoIP gateways.

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