World VoIP NewsBigBand releases innovative  VoIP and IP video based advertising tool BigBand releases innovative VoIP and IP video based advertising tool

BigBand releases innovative VoIP and IP video based advertising tool

BigBand releases innovative  VoIP and IP video based advertising tool
Company BigBand Networks, Inc., vendor and provider of multi-screen video solutions for broadband services operators, has released an IP-based dedicated advertising utility.Operators deploying the application can considerably grow up advertising revenue brought-from live TV that is provided to both set-top boxes and IP-connected appliances.
Having integrated its patented virtual zoning technology, BigBand has designed a tool for digital TV service providers to create advertisements based on targeting indicators most attractive to an advertiser. Ads can be delivered to traditional ad zones, to groups of specific hardware based on demographics, or to geographic regions including up to zip+4 codes, the company boasts. Featuring the BigBand Media Services Platform (MSP), this network-based application makes ad processing to be verified by the service provider's network in a ways consistent with modern measurement which is familiar to advertisers and ad agencies. The application massively reduces the bandwidth required to deliver both zoned and targeted advertising. Virtual zoning, as a platform of targeted advertising, ensures a transition with respect to business practices and technology migration. A virtual zone represents a clustering of subscribers that does not have to be confined within certain geographic boundaries. The ad zones can contain multiple individuals or groups of subscribers. As a result, it provides a high degree of flexibility for the operator to shape these clusters or zones in a manner most appealing to advertisers. Also, a virtual zone can be built on demographic characteristics such as those provided by Nielsen PRIZM demographic groupings. This enables an advertiser to match a certain residential entity with demographic characteristics to the corresponding targeted ad and thereby create an appropriate advertising experience to the individual. Service providers are in a beneficial position to augment the critical role they play in delivering more ad-hoc created personalized advertising for the benefit of consumers, advertisers, and content providers while increasing their bottom line," noted John Reister, vice president and Chief Architect for IPTV at BigBand Networks. The BigBand MSP-based advertising solutions include the basic preliminary preparation and transcoding of ad assets, ad splicing into linear TV streams, event reporting to insertion systems, and management using BigBand's Video Management System software. Furthermore, the solutions operate within the digital domain and seamlessly splice ads into streams encrypted for a variety of network environments. Since 2004, BigBand has worked steadily to arm digital TV service providers with flexible and dependable advertising solutions, the company added.

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