World VoIP NewsBrightCom creates VoIP , IP telepresence tools with automatic managementBrightCom creates VoIP , IP telepresence tools with automatic management

BrightCom creates VoIP , IP telepresence tools with automatic management

BrightCom creates VoIP , IP telepresence tools with automatic management
Company BrightCom, the prominent industry players in matters of integrated telepresence and video conferencing applications, announced further development of its administration console, including brand new tools to adjust server and endpoint configurations, back up and license keys. The software built telepresence and video conferencing infrastructure enables enterprises to operate server and conferencing endpoints by means of a touch, timely automatic updates saving and backing up full functionality through a point and click administration panel.
The BrightCom Visual Collaboration System (VCS) is the crucial part of telepresence and VoIP, IP video conferencing platform as a flexible software based system, containing a full HD video, audio and interactive data collaboration. The VCS server conjoins a broad variety of endpoints such as BrightCom Lumina Telepresence, ClearView Video Conferencing rooms, mobile carts and desktops as extras to standards based systems and remote via web operated cameras and mobile devices.

The VCS administration panel offers a wide package of tools in order to help manage various functions including configuration, back up, and license keys and upgrades. Administrators are empowered to back up current existing server or endpoint configurations, directory services, users and endpoint supplementary data. Configurations are just reloaded or re-imported when the VCS system is upgraded or reset.

The VCS's new license manager allows administrators to create and upload license keys to the server. The VCS will refresh the license key while latest server updates are happening. When uploaded server or endpoint can be shut down or refreshed, either remotely or on site, and the license key will be updated.

Recently BrightCom forwarded several new features of the Visual Collaboration System such as Integration with corporate directories, Support for documents with international languages, Cross connection with MCU based systems. Video tutorials of the enhanced telepresence and video conferencing administration panel and directory integration as well as the other new features of BrightCom's VCS can be found on company’s website.

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