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British Telecom re-launch wholesale VoIP offers

British Telecom re-launch wholesale VoIP offers
British Telecom (BT) has announced the revamp of its wholesale VoIP offering, in order to meet growing customer demand and to be in streamline with the modern market standards of internet. The wholesale VoIP platform had faced massive modernization, such as the full refurbishments of SIP core and gateways for better scalability and reliability. BT also added array of new features for its pool of resellers.
The new features include the possibility to get connectivity through direct access lines using company’s Ethernet service. Additionally, a new automated system makes resellers to perform number porting directly through the secure, cloud based European Reseller System (ERS) portal.

Ethernet ensures much more access options and dynamic bandwidth management. Because of European Reseller System, service providers using wholesale VoIP can now efficiently shift much larger numbers of VoIP users to the platform with the self-service system enabling them to manage their customers and the assigned phone numbers in a handy manner.

“Innovation is not slowing down in the voice-technology arena. As such, we continue to add value to our wholesale proposition to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of the transition from traditional telephony to integrated VoIP services,” says Beatriz Butsana-Sita, Managing Director, BT Global Telecom Markets. “This platform upgrade makes us more attractive as a business partner and we are actively seeking new resellers and partners to work with.”

BT Wholesale VoIP can be seen as the ‘interface’ between the upcoming VoIP world and traditional telephony. The solution provides resellers with a cost-effective platform on which they can create their own enhanced service offerings for the SME and consumer market. The modernized offering is immediately available in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hungary and the Czech Republic; availability in Italy is expected soon.

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