World VoIP NewsBSNL may get deferred 3G payment optionBSNL may get deferred 3G payment option

BSNL may get deferred 3G payment option

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According to reports by local news sources, the Indian government may refund a large portion of the fee that state-owned telco Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will pay for its 3G and wireless broadband spectrum.
Such a move is believed to be under consideration as a means to stabilising the finances of the ailing operator, with the Economic Times stating that if the option of a refund proves unviable then the state may instead examine the option of allowing BSNL to defer payment until it completes a corporate restructure. While BSNL is not yet believed to have made a formal request for a deferred payment, informal negotiations between the telco and the Ministry of Communications are said to have taken place regarding the possibility of such a move.

With the auction for 3G spectrum set to officially get underway at the end of this week, BSNL is likely to face charges of between USD2 billion and USD3 billion for the third generation and WiMAX frequencies it was awarded last year; under the terms of the impending auctions BSNL must match the price offered by the highest bidder for both 3G and WiMAX spectrum.

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