World VoIP NewsBurco deploys multi-vendor WiMAX networkBurco deploys multi-vendor WiMAX network

Burco deploys multi-vendor WiMAX network

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Malawian ISP solutions provider Burco has selected Aptilo Networks to provide its WiMAX CSN System for the operator’s eWiMAX service, the first WiMAX 16e-based broadband internet service in Malawi, the two companies have announced in a joint statement.
The deployment involved the latest WiMAX Forum NWG standard, which allows Burco to utilise a multi-vendor approach to building its network with the most cost-effective components. Currently the network uses radio equipment from RuggedCom (formerly WiNetworks), ASN Gateways from WiChorus and a range of wireless network equipment from various device manufacturers. The use of low-cost devices has enabled Burco to expand its business to the residential market and increase its bottom line by better utilising satellite backhaul links during off-business hours. ‘We are impressed to see how a local operator like Burco is one of the first in the world to deploy a truly vendor-independent network architecture according to the latest standards,’ commented Torbjorn Ward, CEO of Aptilo Networks, adding: ‘Africa is a strong region for WiMAX in general and for us in particular as many operators appreciate our pre-integrated approach where the benefits of implementing a complete solution, rather than taking a piecemeal approach, are significant.’

Burco’s eWIMAX service is now available for residential and enterprise customers in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

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