World VoIP NewsBusiness VoIP provider Nextiva cuts down prices on faxesBusiness VoIP provider Nextiva cuts down prices on faxes

Business VoIP provider Nextiva cuts down prices on faxes

Business VoIP provider Nextiva cuts down prices on faxes
The Nextiva provided on line fax service currently is costing $4.95 per month, and company continues to provide business with affordable fax service. The vFAX 500 service performs with a 30-day free trial and supports 500 total fax pages as a monthly limit.
Nextiva vFAX is a handy, customer friendly and flexible method of fax. Nextiva customers can deliver and receive faxes electronically via email, Microsoft Office products, Nextiva’s dedicated online panel, or any cell phone with email service.

The issues of paper jams, system errors, other individuals viewing your faxes, and busy signals online are finally not actual anymore, due to the advent of the online fax service. Nextiva vFAX in fact, has changed the way people send and receive faxes. Company’s online fax service is an effective and secure solution that was created to meet customers requests. It continues the business VoIP provider’s product line of telecommunications. Features included with the Nextiva vFAX 500 free trial are: 500 monthly pages, Faxing via Microsoft Office, there are no any setup fees, no contracts or termination fees are presented, user friendly fax usage logs, online account management, toll-free and local fax numbers. 

Nextiva’s cloud-based online fax and business VoIP services makes business companies of any size and scale to execute deals and negotiations more efficiently and profitably. By switching to Nextiva vFAX, businesses can save as much as 80 percent on their monthly faxing costs when compared to traditional fax service, the company said.

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