World VoIP NewsCable Internet VoIP and ADSL connectivity from Silver NetworksCable Internet VoIP and ADSL connectivity from Silver Networks

Cable Internet VoIP and ADSL connectivity from Silver Networks

Cable Internet VoIP and ADSL connectivity from Silver Networks
Silver Networks Communications declared the launch of so called Q Box, an appliance its manufacturers said will absolutely ensure voice quality for the company’s bandwidth-neutral hosted VoIP services provided over less expensive, lower bandwidth connectivity, such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), cable modem or WiMAX.
Company announces, that Q Box will provide first class hosted VoIP services in areas where it would previously have not been cost effective or where voice quality would have been degraded, such as a SOHO or remote branch office deployments. Hosted VoIP service providers normally advice customers to rely on more expensive SDSL or leased lines for higher capacity connectivity, as the company noted in a press statement.

After more than 1 and half year of development, Q Box enables Quality of Service (QoS) controls differently from classical methods. Voice streaming is no longer seen as data that has to have a high priority. Opposite approach is taken, when it is treated as data traffic with specified requirements not only in terms of priority, but also in sense of spacing between packets. The bandwidth reserve needed is reduced to that of the compression format used, so that a G.729 call only takes 8kbps over the ADSL link, compared with standard 42kbps. The practical outcome is that rather than a maximum volume of three concurrent calls, 28 calls can be placed on a single broadband line.

“ We guarantee perfect voice quality over even small bandwidth," explained Alex Fayn, who has lead the development of Q Box for Silver Networks,“ You could have 362kbps up and 786kbps down with 10 phones behind it, and we will guarantee quality both ways – in and out."

Fayn told that while there are geeks on the market that will monitor traffic going out, they are not able to control streaming going in due to the inability to control the upstream router. “The secret of our technology is that we install a device at your location and we take over all your traffic and deliver the traffic into our data center and then delivery your traffic to the Internet," he said.

In term of Cable Internet VoIP implementation, Web-Sites that have Silver Networks’ Q Box links can be merged together to build up private networks and backup links can be applied and initiated without dropping calls in progress.

“We can guarantee reliability by plugging into a secondary provider," Fayn said. “Essentially a customer could replace a T1 with a combination of cable modem and DSL. It will be cheaper and there will be redundancy."

Moreover, Q Box makes numerous amount of links to be aggregated as a single large bandwidth connection, providing versatile alternative to expensive private circuits.

Another huge benefit of ability to apply the lower bandwidth circuits is time to delivery. “If a customer wants a solution delivered in one week, now we can do it with reliability and with quality where before we had to wait for the local loop to be delivered, which could be 30-45 days," Fayn said.

The company boasts about performance of Q Box, when data transfer rates are not compromised by the presence of factual voice. Leveled data packets can be processed in form of their own share of available bandwidth in a some granular format.

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