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Call recordings are to be improved

One of the leading Companies in Phonetic speech search technology, company ‘’Aurix’’, has signed the partnership agreement with company CTI Group (CTI is UK based global call management and VoIP call recording solutions provider).
Aurix is a leader in speech technology solutions, when enabling customer organizations to identify words and phrases buried in their audio data to gain valuable intelligence. The agreement is aimed for ‘’Aurix ‘’bring its expertise and knowledge of speech search and technologies of digital analysis to CTI, which will be used to implement changes in functionality for its recording solution: so called Smart Record package. John Birbeck, President and CEO of CTI Group, says, “All businesses face increasing requirements for call recording to meet regulatory, quality management, and legal demands. By fully integrating Aurix’s speech search and analytics technology into SmartRecord, we can give our customers a fully developed solution that meets their needs, as well as industry standards. Aurix’s unique approach to speech search and analysis, as well as introduced technologies, allows any customer to implement several valuable options, such as internal control of voice communications in sake of working efficiency, intelligence gathering options, voice communications security issues and others. Al these techniques finally serve for better industrial and quality performance of particular customer. “Aurix’’ is the true leader in speech search technologies field.

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