World VoIP NewsCanadian Shiftboard Company introduce new Scheduling solution for Call center industryCanadian Shiftboard Company introduce new Scheduling solution for Call center industry

Canadian Shiftboard Company introduce new Scheduling solution for Call center industry

Shiftboard, Inc., one of the top providers of online and mobile call recording software, call recording systems, voice recording, scheduling software, introduced recently a new scheduling solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of the call center industry. A solution makes a Wait Time for a manager as Zero minutes.
Modern Call centers are having Staffing as the largest cost facto. Proper scheduling is the paramount for successful business operations. However, the distance factor, when calling centers becomes distributed over large geographic areas, filling hundreds or thousands of positions provides a challenge. With improvements in different types of call processing issues, such as call recording software, call recording systems, other telecommunication options, many call centers are moving from massive, centralized one-site settings to smaller, distributed locations. Majority of big call centers are even hiring virtual call agents that operates from homes around the world. As the call centers industry becomes more decentralized, relevant scheduling processes and all around the day communication will become much more critical.

Company Shiftboard's ‘’call center solution’’ is designed to help call centers control costs while delivering high quality service. The solution provides 24/7 access to real-time data from any internet browser, allowing managers to view and process thousands of schedules, and fill shifts fast, as common call volume fluctuates. Company also offers self-scheduling based on remote agent specific skills and expertise, making shifts quickly be filled when extra capacity is required on short notice.

Call center managers can view schedules in a day around schedule layout across single or multiple call centers. The solution integrates principles of a break-time and a constraint-based break time shuffling methods, allowing managers to more accurately schedule coverage and assure no any call goes unanswered.

Features of the Solution are as follows: Call Center Managers are able to
  • Overlook up to date, 24/7 hour schedule that accounts for break times
  • Estimate an operational efficiency for current call volume
  • Adjust staffing in real time to upkeep level of service
  • Communicate, in fact, with unlimited amount of staff, regardless of location
Call Center Agents are able to:
  • Execute unlimited capabilities of processing of their schedules from any location at any time
  • Receive announcements of open shifts or need for extra agents in real time
  • Create a Self-schedule based on specific skills and expertise
  • Take an open shift in real time
"Shiftboard's call center scheduling solution was built to meet the needs of an industry that has undergone a significant transformation in the last decade," said Bryan Lhuillier, chief product and technology officer at Company "With their highly distributed global workforces, today's call centers can no longer tolerate the rigid and costly scheduling software of years past. With this announcement, Shiftboard has introduced a highly scalable, cost-effective solution that meets the needs of single location and globally distributed call centers."

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