World VoIP NewsCavalier Launches New Flexible IP Voice Options for BusinessCavalier Launches New Flexible IP Voice Options for Business

Cavalier Launches New Flexible IP Voice Options for Business

Cavalier Launches New Flexible IP Voice Options for Business
Company Cavalier, headquartered in Virginia, a leading provider of competitive telecommunications services in the eastern United States, announced about focusing on its SIP-based services. Cavalier's new technological capabilities and services options make IP voice services convenient to install and meet a broader spectrum of business needs.
The company has concentrated on the inherent flexibility of an all-IP connection to deliver a Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) solution that fits perfectly for maximum versatility. With Cavalier's modular product approach, users can take the unique sets of indicators and parameters that suit best for their business, including selection of bandwidth, amount of simultaneous calls, voice compression, speed of connection, private network options, and security features.

As the pivot of the SIP solution is Metaswitch's voice and multimedia platform. Cavalier offers traditional set of capabilities, such as call re-direct, direct inward dial (DID), calling name display, E-911 as well as advanced features like enterprise- shared trunking and private dial plans. All theses elements are enabled by Metaswich platform.

"These new service options make a SIP trunk the obvious choice for businesses looking for a feature-rich alternative to a TDM T1 or for those converting to an all-IP infrastructure," said Clint McDonald, product manager, Cavalier. "With a converged network, SIP traffic is transmitted securely along with a variety of other applications and protocols, creating bandwidth efficiencies for customers."

VoIP service, using SIP as a fundament, is brought through a standard Ethernet connection straightly to an IP PBX or other IP voice device For the concept “”all IP”, SIP is the conveyor for the providing delivery cloud-based advanced services. Call paths are added easily by operators without any physical constraints of port capacity or time-division multiplexing (TDM) channels.

VoIP services are driven by Cavalier's fiber optic network at rate of traffic from 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) to many Gigabits per second (Gbps). The connectivity is designed in order to make available the full bandwidth of the service in both directions. When other services are put together, Cavalier's dedicated network ensures that voice traffic take priority. Cavalier owns and run the fundamental network and all of the equipment that comprises the service to transport calls for the impeccable voice quality.

In order to bypass the challenge of interfacing with an additional and growing number of VoIP SIP-enabled systems with an even greater number of software versions, Cavalier has invented an facilitated testing process. In this process, each new installation is put through a series of technical tests before the service confirmed.

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