World VoIP NewsCDN launches fibre-optic connection in southCDN launches fibre-optic connection in south

CDN launches fibre-optic connection in south

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Kuwait-based regional systems integrator and internet service provider (ISP) Computer Data Networks (CDN) has announced that a high speed fibre-optic connection between Iraq and the rest of the world is now fully operational.
Under a deal inked between CDN and Iraqi telecoms service provider Iraq Telecommunications and Post Company (IPTC) last November, CDN agreed to operate and market part of the country’s new nationwide DWDM fibre-optic network. The Kuwaiti company is responsible for operating the southern portion of the network, which runs from Baghdad to Basrah and on to the borders of Kuwait and Iran.

Following extensive testing, the network is now fully operational and is already handling customer traffic. The Ministry of Communications (MoC) and CDN believe that the new fibre connection will allow regional operators, carriers and ISPs to exchange traffic with the fast-growing user population of Iraq.

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