World VoIP NewsCompany 3CX offers free VoIP softphone for iPhoneCompany 3CX offers free VoIP softphone for iPhone

Company 3CX offers free VoIP softphone for iPhone

Company 3CX offers free VoIP softphone for iPhone
Company 3CX, creator and developer of the Windows softphone 3CXPhone and VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, has enhanced its mobile offerings with the introduction of an iPhone-compatible version of its Windows-based softphone. The 3CXPhone for iPhone application enables the consumers to place free VoIP phone calls through WiFi or 3G.
The general difference between the 3CXPhone for iPhone and other seemingly "free" SIP phones for iPhones is that this application is not tied to a designated provider or PBX. A user is endorsed with the full freedom of choice, meaning that he or she can pick and implement favorite provider or VoIP PBX and switch at any time or use other VoIP providers.

"3CX turns the iPhone into a perfect endpoint for a VoIP PBX," said Nick Galea, CEO, 3CX. "When out of the office, using 3CXPhone for iPhone, users can take calls to their extension via Wifi or 3G. When in the office, 3CXPhone for iPhone turns the iPhone into a convenient and user-friendly wireless desk phone." Free of charge 3CXPhone for iPhone is available to everybody, any company or individual. Using the iPhone organic contact list, the application makes user find needed contacts efficiently as well as allowing the use of numerous profiles. 3CXPhone for iPhone has a switch which brings up the capability to jump between an internal and external PBX server and is the only free VoIP application that can perform unattended transfers. When probed the new 3CXPhone for iPhone, Claire Hodgson from New York-based law company Franklin West, found it very useful: "Since downloading the 3CX iPhone app, life within the office as well as when I am on the go, has become ever so efficient. This great application allows me to take my desk phone with me, which is so helpful. The fact that it's free is also another great plus." Integral features are: - Complete support of the most widespread SIP standard G711 and GSM codecs; - Capability to transfer calls between integrated or custom dial pad Record phone calls -Force VoIP calls when technically available, this feature enables automatic free VoIP calls to be prioritized over 3G Auto provisioning
- SIP PBX's or VoIP providers can automatically provision the 3CXPhone iPhone app via multicast or HTTP iOS 4.x (iPhone 3GS & 4, iTouch 3 & 4) 3CXPhone for iPhone can be downloaded via the iTunes Store. The 3CX community supports the iPhone app and the forum can be found here. 3CX Phone System users and partners can get support via their support portal account.

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