World VoIP NewsCompany 4PSA joins SIP Forum as a full memberCompany 4PSA joins SIP Forum as a full member

Company 4PSA joins SIP Forum as a full member

Company 4PSA joins SIP Forum as a full member
Company 4PSA, being the expert in cloud based computing and Unified Communications software technologies, joined the SIP Forum as a full scale member , in a hope to get all the benefits from partnership with leading and most prominent global enterprises of the VoIP (SIP) industry.
The SIP Forum, is truly the premier IP communications industry association, has been established to promote and advance SIP-based technologies, such as the working out the recommendations on industry, dedicated technical specifications, SIP technical interoperability and applications testing, specially designed interoperability workshops, webinars, and promotion of SIP as the holistic industry.

By joining the forum, 4PSA’s demonstrates the company’s strong faith in the importance of collaboration and interoperability with main player in the industry. “We have joined the SIP Forum because we believe in the importance of collaboration and interoperability with key global companies and their initiatives to strengthen the SIP ecosystem. Our interest is to share the experiences of our cloud implementations and what we are doing to scale massively in distributed environments,” said 4PSA's CEO, Bogdan Carstoiu, in a statement.

The 4PSA is having good records for its cloud based pilot project, VoipNow Platform. It contains a set of software applications being capable of accelerating Unified Communications integration process by businesses and end-users. The company’s main concentration is, traditionally on technology and the development efforts.

“4PSA has an extremely high focus on SIP and its use in the enterprise for applications which include SIP trunking, Unified Communications, Fax, conferencing and video. Many of our current products and much of our development effort is in the SIP area. As we continue to discover improved methods for leveraging the full cloud potential, we look forward to presenting these to the SIP Forum members for review and exchange of ideas,” Carstoiu further explained.

Carstoiu noted about his expectations that 4PSA will be able to bring a considerable contribution to the SIP Forum. “I am certain that the expertise we bring to the SIP Forum will help accomplish its mission and provide value to the other distinguished SIP Forum members,” Carstoiu said.

Chairman of the Board of the SIP Forum Richard Shockey stated, “We are very pleased to have 4PSA join our ranks as a new Full Member of the SIP Forum. The interest of 4PSA and other companies in the Forum is a major proof-point of the growing awareness and support for SIP Forum initiatives related to improving interoperability and speeding the broad adoption of SIP-based products and services in the commercial marketplace.”

In March 2010, 4PSA initiated VoipNow Automation, a business and operations automation software targeted for deploying, managing and billing services in cloud infrastructures. According to the producer, VoipNow Automation ensure creation of tailored service plans, building dedicated online storage and customer portal, automatically monitoring and processing services; management, ordering, invoicing and payment steps by utilizing the latest cloud computing technologies.

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