World VoIP NewsCompany Alcatel-Lucent delivers IP applications for Audi A8 carCompany Alcatel-Lucent delivers IP applications for Audi A8 car

Company Alcatel-Lucent delivers IP applications for Audi A8 car

Company Alcatel-Lucent delivers IP applications for Audi A8 car
Worldwide known company Alcatel-Lucent, being a dealer in mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies, together with China Mobile have appeared to announce the high- value applications incorporated into the Audi A8 car. The applications are supported by the mobile network from Alcatel-Lucent's commercially available infrastructure in frames of innovative Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, Time Division Duplex (TDD) and Frequency Division Duplex (FDD), in order to boost up the seamless Worldwide coverage.
Alcatel-Lucent has participated in demonstrations during Mobile World Congress, along with auto-giant Audi and technology partners LiveCast and Vidyo , when showed the breadth taking integrated in-car services, consisting with advanced street maps and navigation, video conferencing, video streaming, virtual desktop and others integrated into the new Long Term Evolution enabled Audi A8 car. 

LTE is incrementally being proven and deployed with the target to deliver an array of IP features services that can be conjoined for an end user. Alcatel-Lucent boasts the possession of expertise and industrial credentials to make enterprises shift smoothly to IP, LTE, and new technological models. Leveraging best proven practices and garnering new partners, the company is helping service providers to make LTE and IP transformation more scheduled and effective. 

Officials’ claims that company is attached with all the commercial readiness of Alcatel-Lucent's integrated end-to-end LTE TDD and FDD solutions. Alcatel-Lucent added that it used its Connect Program to visualize the new concept of the LTE in- vehicle connectivity and multi-industry ecosystem development. The partnership with Audi is to bring LTE enabled automobiles one step closer to commercial reality.

“Audi will make LTE technology a feature available in their commercial production line cars,” explained Michael Dick, board member for technical development at AUDI AG, at the presentation of the experimental vehicle.

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