World VoIP NewsCompany Broadsoft expand cloud-based VoIP 2.0 servicesCompany Broadsoft expand cloud-based VoIP 2.0 services

Company Broadsoft expand cloud-based VoIP 2.0 services

Company Broadsoft expand cloud-based VoIP 2.0 services
One of the most prominent vendors of VoIP and voice application servers Broadsoft Inc. is reported to have long standing interest on building VoIP 2.0 based service for targeted customers audience, and recently Broadsoft went out with well shaped move, by buying a whole suite of product line in one trading session, acquiring Casabi Inc., which produces quite wide known solutions of “ the carrier-connected family” applications.
It’ s a directly pointed and precise designation by wording, because increasingly persons, families and other associates are being connected by their next generation devices, such as iPhones, and not by services or applications provided by their wire line or mobile telecom service providers un factual use.

The acquisition deal is being estimated at considerable rate of just $1.95 million, but the common tendency is quite notorious, demonstrating ongoing carriers trends to hunt feverishly for new platforms for their voice services as well as an answer to an rocket boost of mobile applications and services that are traditionally provided trough software or hardware manufacturers, not service providers.

Company Casabi offers a spectrum of cloud-hosted applications backed by SMS, group text messaging, voice mail and shared calendars and address books. This set of services and capabilities could be delivered by telecommunications services providers in exclusive manners, due to their well established network-based relationships with their clientele. The level of competition in VoIP industry and particularly is extremely high either, when dominant and secondary players such as Google, Facebook, Apple and other are aiming to drain out customers via the Web and associated mobile device.

Casabi, in particular, heavily relies on a well rooted and stable relationship with Comcast among the bricks of fundament. Comcast has released a suite of IP-based phone services, called as Home Point, on the Casabi platform. Comcast also cooperates with BroadSoft. Companies’ officials in their statements were very optimistic on the future outcomes of the merge.

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