World VoIP NewsCompany CMC launches new hosted VoIP PlatformCompany CMC launches new hosted VoIP Platform

Company CMC launches new hosted VoIP Platform

Company CMC launches new hosted VoIP Platform
CMC has the launched new Hosted VoIP Platform, widening up their already large spectrum and product line of Communications equipment, services and support. The offer ensures the opportunity for customers to save up to 70% of regular telephony costs, without needs for upfront investment in hardware. Hosted VoIP solution unifies voice, video and data into a single infrastructure operated through the internet. Enterprises that have adopted such platforms and concept are using all the benefits in cost-savings, staff collaboration and advanced performance.
CMC’s Hosted VoIP offering is 100% turnkey, including all the associated hardware, installation, programming, network configuration and post-deployment support. Company’s experts in VoIP technologies provide on-site user and administrator education and training. CMC has a well established partnership with industry most substantial VoIP equipment providers such as Polycom, Aastra, Grandstream, and Cisco to deliver scalable IP phone equipment.

The advantages of deploying a Hosted VoIP solution are easily realized once couple of the first few billing cycles is executed. The flat-rate billing removes out all hidden costs, and single point of contact at providing Company manages all maintenance, support and updates, the dedicated customer web portal provides access to the system any time, from al around the World. Moreover, CMC implements a collocation facility providing 24x7 monitoring and on-site technicians to upkeep seamless service. Especially Hosted VoIP platforms are well suited for such an organizations like schools and Universities. School districts throughout the US are also seeing the cost-savings as well as time-savings of a Hosted VoIP solution. Districts can take advantage of Priority One E-Rate Funding Services when an Interconnected VoIP solution is utilized rather than purchasing and managing a phone system themselves.

“We knew that VoIP Technology was the future of communications and wanted to be a part of that. The technology has come a long way, and the timing was right for us to enter the marketplace. Our clients have come to expect comprehensive services from CMC, and our Hosted Platform was designed with that in mind.” says Scott Broekemeier, Principal, CMC.

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