World VoIP NewsCompany MIXvoip announces operational collaboration with SkypeCompany MIXvoip announces operational collaboration with Skype

Company MIXvoip announces operational collaboration with Skype

Company MIXvoip announces operational collaboration with Skype
Luxembourg based VoIP enterprise MIXvoip is always focused on ensuring providing lower telecommunication costs and higher versatility for businesses of any size. Company has considerable records of successful implementation of forefront of technologies for the major worldwide telephony players and its users.
’’We have figured out that Skype has an amazingly fast growing user base. The fact that our customers can now call and be called by Skype users is an essential business feature that will facilitate communication between the small and medium enterprises and their existing as well as potential customers. Currently just for 5 Euro per channel monthly, an enterprise can connect its existing telephony system to the Skype network. We have thus developed an additional console, easy to deploy in order to connect MIXvoip’s and Skype’s users », stated Loic Didelot, co-founder and CTO of MIXvoip.

Skype will get an operational boost further on, due to Microsoft's recent acquisition of Skype. There are provisional plans to integrate the Skype software into Kinect, Xbox and a full range of Windows devices such as mobile phones.

MIXvoip concentrates it business effort on business customers and whereas Skype focuses on a bigger, private user base. Enterprises need private individuals as customers. This is the rationale why MIXvoip took the step to acquire Skype functionalities. Skype is one of those ways through which a business can be reached and it is important for any business to be reachable by any possible means. Company describes the move as the urgent need fro MIXvoip to allow its customers to expand their range of options and connections. The acquisition of Skype functionalities is a great new add-on to the existing MIXvoip services such as: the incorporation of international numbers, fax to email, and the calling of international and national numbers at lower call rates. Current VoIP suppliers should be present where its users and customers are present. MIXvoip's Skype interconnection will ensure that solution to associated customers.

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