World VoIP NewsCompany Officescape offers new business usage internet phone solutionCompany Officescape offers new business usage internet phone solution

Company Officescape offers new business usage internet phone solution

Company Officescape offers new business usage internet phone solution
Company Officescape is boasting that its designed Web phone solutions are operationally holistic and created to address specific communications needs of businesses in the corporate office, at home and during travel.
As per company’s officials, the solutions offered by Officescape are technically tailored to eliminate the shortages experienced in other offerings such as very weak quality of voice or dropped calls from cell phones. Officescape customers can enjoy crystal-clear reception from their Web phone, from wherever they are located. Officescape’s Web Phone solutions are well fit for business individuals and it makes them to enjoy all of the functionalities of a traditional in-office phone, including mute, hold, volume control, transfer and multiple lines.

Company sources described Web Phones as being operational and accessible from any computer or workstation with an Internet connection. By balancing java-based application, software download procedures are removed and customers can manage phone calls just as if they were working at their desk phone.

Additionally integration with a Unified Communications concept provides “four-digit dial” capabilities with others in the organization, click-to-call capabilities from the contacts page and low rates on Web-to-phone calls from anywhere in the world. In fact, outages deliver severe complications for business and consumer users around the globe. Officescape’s Web Phone solution (as per company releases) assures of business-class reliability and is truly accessible anytime, anywhere. Officescape is essentially an Office Service Provider that uses advanced technology to cater to all office needs as a service. It delivers innovative features such as Office on Demand, Nomadic Office services and Telework solutions.

The Indianapolis-based company offers next-generation of office services by synergizing virtual office flexibility with physical office functionality. Officescape also provides Office as a Platform to allow companies of all sizes to conduct business anytime and anywhere, securely, reliably and cost effectively.

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