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Company Vopium Offers 15 Minutes of Free International Calls

New software application for mobile phones produced by Danish company Vopium provides opportunity of very cheap international calls. This software, downloaded directly to mobile phone, allows a user to make a phone call to Thailand at cost of 2 cents per minute, therefore at the expense of local call. More than 900 mobile phone models are compatible with Vopium software.
Tanveer Sharif, CEO of Vopium said: "Even with an old mobile phone, you can save a lot of money when keeping contact with friends and family away on holiday. With Vopium, it will only cost a few pence per minute making a call from the UK to e.g. your parents' hotel room, wherever in Europe they may be,"

Vopium offers to customers, who have a need to call abroad, first of all, to test software on any mobile phone, than, moreover, 15 free of charge minutes to call anywhere.

Opposite direction of calling from remote destinations to Europe is covered too. Cheap, or even, in some cases, free international calls from abroad could be done with Vopium. Calls are being forwarded using PC, Wi-Fi mobile phones or by means of Vopium's web-based Call Back service, where customer enter phone number of his/ her current location, and number of a person at home, he/she wish to talk to.

In case if both connected persons online use Vopium applications in PCs or Wi-Fi mobiles, the call is always free. Quality of connections is reported to be impeccable, without cuts, disconnections or echoes in earphones. Other options offered by Vopium are straight connections to Skype, GTalk, MSN, etc.

The reason why it is so cheap to make international calls with Vopium is that you make a 'normal' call from your mobile phone to the nearest telephone pole. Thereafter, the call is transmitted by the Internet very cheaply to the receiver. The quality of the call is on par with what people are used to when making international calls, i.e. no cuts or disconnections and a good sound quality.

Besides international calls and texts, Vopium offers its users free calls to each other and the ability to communicate with friends on Skype, GTalk, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, etc., directly from their mobile phones.

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