World VoIP NewsCompany Vox rolls out new VoIP Video PhoneCompany Vox rolls out new VoIP Video Phone

Company Vox rolls out new VoIP Video Phone

Company Vox rolls out new VoIP Video Phone
VoIP provider Vox Communications has introduced its so called ‘’Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone’’ and service. The hardware is targeted for implementation by individual consumers and small and midsized businesses. The Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone has high-resolution LCD digital screen with integrated snapshot photos, attached to contact list. The device also has functionality as a digital phone frame.
The tailored service plans for the phone consist with video calling, caller ID, call waiting, and three-way conference calling. Other additional features enable users to connect to a large screen LCD or TV during video conferencing, and merely unlimited video phone calling itself, the company said.

"Based on the growing consumer and business demand, bringing the Ojo Vision to our customers this year was very important to us,'' said Mark Richards, CIO of Pervasip, which owns Vox Communications, and boasts that they are one of the first companies to deliver this type of equipment for business and consumers. "We have seen many video products over the years, and until now, none came up to our rigorous testing standards of quality."

Particular Vox service plans starting at $9.95 per month, which consists with unlimited voice calling in the North America and Puerto Rico, low-rate international calling, and unlimited free voice and video calling between Vox users. The Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone is available for $249.95 with no service contract.

As per statistics for VoIP perspectives, the industry spending is expected to rise 52% from 2010 to 2014, and outreaching in businesses with a VoIP system deployed in at least one location will reach 79% by 2013, according to researcher ‘’In-Stat’’ company.

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