World VoIP NewsCompany Zhone promotes  cutting edge VoIP technologyCompany Zhone promotes cutting edge VoIP technology

Company Zhone promotes cutting edge VoIP technology

Company Zhone promotes  cutting edge VoIP technology
Company Zhone Technologies, being the vendor of a provider of fiber connectivity (FTTx) networked solutions, announced that enterprise Cornerstone Telephone, a prominent provider in industry of advanced communications, based in Troy, N.Y., has chosen the company for latest technology cutting edge MXK (Multiple-Frequency X- and K-Band) deployment.
The service will deliver the capabilities to the local exchange carrier (CLEC) provider to build up as the copper as fiber backed services on a unified collaborated platform. Cornerstone has implemented Zhone's MXK as dedicated multi-service access utility to provide business VoIP and high speed Ethernet-over-copper services for regional businesses in Cities of Syracuse, Oneonta, New York City and Poughkeepsie. Featuring industry-leading density, scalability and switching capabilities, the MXK is the telecommunications industry's very first terabit access integrator and focal point, as boasted by company’s officials. It ensures non-blocking capacity of up to 3,600 100 Mbps GPON subscribers or 360 1G Active Ethernet subscribers. "Zhone's ability to bring up both VoIP and High Speed Internet Access with the highest port density in the minimal footprint is the basic deciding factor in our MXK commitment," said Don Walsh, chief technical officer of Cornerstone Telephone, in an official statement. "Our relationship with Zhone is strengthened by this upgrade, and we and our customers are already enjoying the benefits of speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. "The service ensures increased bandwidth for Cornerstone customers and provides both data and VoIP for expanded revenue opportunities and improved customer satisfaction. Cornerstone will continue to rely on the MXK's 460 Gbps backplane, 28 Gbps uplinks and Terabit switching capacity along with 72 ports of POTS/VoIP, 72 ports of ADSL2+ and extended rate SHDSL-EFM cards. Currenltly Zhone has integrated over 2,000 of its completely redundant, carrier-grade all-IP MXK robust platforms with more than 150 service providers around the World, with total subscriber volume supported by these deployments surpassing 15 million. "This domestic deployment furthers our customer base in the Northeastern United States and our strong relationship with Cornerstone and prove once again that our solutions are the right fit for business services," said Brian Caskey), chief marketing officer of Zhone, in a statement. "The featured solution provide hybrid networking capabilities for its local businesses, and flexibility of the MXK serves just the purpose of us” Cornerstone. " needs

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