World VoIP NewsConterra combines the efforts with  Jive Comms for improved VoIP platformsConterra combines the efforts with Jive Comms for improved VoIP platforms

Conterra combines the efforts with Jive Comms for improved VoIP platforms

Conterra combines the efforts with  Jive Comms for improved VoIP platforms
Enterprise Conterra Broadband Services, one of the substantial United States providers of powerful and full-fledged wide area network applications and dedicated services (WAN).
Has announced the signing of preliminary contract with the enterprise Jive Communications in order to enable Conterra to forward onto market Jive's specific utilities of the hosted VoIP industry, for their common customer base and expected clientele around the continental part of the country. This joint venture will offer dynamic operational access to much more sophisticated arrays of networking connectivity products by synergizing Conterra's top quality WAN tools with Jive's Hosted VoIP platforms. "Hosted VoIP is acquiring the momentum to become a traditional telephony infrastructure for E-Rate approved organizations, including educational entities and libraries. Hosted VoIP platform from Jive is a superb addition to our proprietary wide area network (WAN) in a broadband design and makes our partner to move ahead a feature redundant, turnkey voice signaling machines for our devoted customers," stated Van Snowdon, Executive VP at Conterra. "We are extremely delighted to conjoin the operational efforts with Conterra. They demonstrate some well qualified records of quality services, covering customers' infrastructure expectations," stated John Pope, CEO at Jive Communications. "Conjoining our widely recognized VoIP and IP video engines with their unsurpassed broadband capabilities will ensure massively affordable and highly valuable platform for public and private consumers across the North America ." The synergized platform is readily available for schools and libraries searching capabilities in framework of E-Rate. Conterra Broadband Services, situated in city Charlotte, State of North Carolina, is a US scale provider of facilities-built broadband applications for K-12, healthcare and governmental organizations, all kinds of signaling and telecoms carriers, as well as choose companies that look for bandwidth saturated, carrier-level data, video and voice signaling services mostly within the underserved locations across the continental United States and Canada. Conterra along with related subsidiaries dynamically provide all kinds of dedicated services for more than 1,000 K-12 listed schools, educational entities, governmental and business destinations in US, covering the amount of more than one million students, teachers and managers.

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