World VoIP NewsCounterpath launches innovative VoIp hosted serviceCounterpath launches innovative VoIp hosted service

Counterpath launches innovative VoIp hosted service

Counterpath launches innovative VoIp hosted service
Company Counterpath has launched a hosted service that makes wireline operators to provide voice and SMS to all means of mobile communications. Company’s initiated NCG Exchange product is targeted for cable operators, hosted VoIP providers, IP telephony and other Wireline Operators, in order to ensure cost-effective Over-the-Top, Fixed-Mobile Services. Crucial feature of the product is Voice Call Continuity (VCC), recently shown at ITEXPO by Counterpath.
By implementation of NCG Exchange, operators can immediately provide mobile VoIP as well as messaging services that are transported over-the-top (OTT) of mobile networks, without references to actual carrier in use.

CounterPath’s NCG Exchange services operate along with any mobile handset – including smartphones without needs to install any additional software. To further enhance the NCG Exchange service, operators can select options either to deploy CounterPath’s Bria iPhone Edition or Bria Android Edition softphones, delivering customers the extra options of communicating over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G IP across the traditional mobile voice and SMS channels. Operators can also leverage CounterPath’s Bria desktop/laptop PC or Mac softphones, allowing their customers to use their communications services seamlessly across both desktop softphones and mobile phones.

According to Counterpath, "NCG Exchange’s highly flexible, network- and device- agnostic architecture means a wireline operator’s customers now can put a single phone number on their business cards with the confidence that they can always communicate with a single number by voice, IM and SMS – an ability that goes beyond rudimentary find-me/follow-me services. The fundamental technology within NCG Exchange is unique to CounterPath and leverages the company’s intellectual property portfolio, consisting with patents that enable single-number identities and seamless service delivery across disparate fixed, mobile, legacy and IMS networks."

The list of benefits to wireline operators: wireline operators now can offer SMS-to-VoIP and VoIP-to-SMS messaging services to their clientele. SMS is a perfect service for end users and promotes greater adoption of VoIP softphones. Another advantage is fast and effective launch of service. NCG Exchange is rapid and convenient for operators to implement within weeks instead of months. Operators can refine and take NCG services in-house as they ramp traffic on the NCG Exchange platform. Finally, NCG Exchange requires no additional network infrastructure and no new customer devices because its OTT design leverages existing investments.

“NCG Exchange gives wireline operators a fast, cost-effective way to remain relevant in a communications environment that is moving beyond voice and fixed-location communications,” said Todd Carothers, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products, CounterPath. “Sprint’s recent integration of Google Voice and a single voicemail box, highlights a new trend in mobile VoIP. CounterPath’s NCG Exchange provides mobile, cable telephony and wireline operators with powerful new options for capitalizing on that trend while going beyond rudimentary find-me/follow-me services, such as Google Voice, to provide a suite of enterprise-grade single-number services.’’

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