World VoIP NewsCox Business launches new VoIP PBX services upon getting Cisco certificateCox Business launches new VoIP PBX services upon getting Cisco certificate

Cox Business launches new VoIP PBX services upon getting Cisco certificate

Cox Business launches new VoIP PBX services upon getting Cisco certificate
Cox Business recently has been certified by Cisco in order to get specified Channel Partner Express Certificate. The Cisco certification confirms a solution provider's real investment in the matters and tools necessary to provide managed services. As a Cisco Managed Services certified partner, Cox Business has proved the needed capabilities to deliver solutions in accordance with stringent requirements that reflect a spectrum of operational capabilities, and already rolled out the VoIP PBX service in two US States.
Cox Managed IP PBX so called ‘’PBX plus’’ service is designed as fully integrated premise-based one. The target audiences are small businesses with less than 100 employees, with minimal or not existing internal IT branches, which are equipped with a telecommunications array that is operated and monitored by Cox Business. Any signals of "faults" are dealt with by Cox Business immediately, often before the client finds out the problem. Small companies can distribute operational features between up to five networked locations, including four-digit dialing, when long-distance toll charges are not being applicable. Operational efficiency is massively improved by such application as a PC-integrated toolbar. Soft phone settings are using enciphered secure access to communications for employees working remotely. 

"Managed IP PBX+ provides communications capabilities to small businesses that prefer onsite telecom equipment and frees them to more strategically allocate resources to core business activities," said Kristine Faulkner, VP of product development and management, Cox Business. "Cisco is a recognized data networking and VoIP leader and validates Cox's commitment to partner with best-in-class technology organizations to expand the business product portfolio to meet diverse customer needs."

Cox Business offers VoIP, data and video services for more than 260,000 small and medium sized business customers, including healthcare organizations, K-12 and higher education, financial and federal entities, state and local government bodies. According to Vertical Systems Group, Cox Business is the fourth largest provider of business Ethernet services in the U.S. based on customer ports and the company ranked highest among small/midsize business data service providers in J.D. Power and Associates 2010 U.S. Major Provider Business Telecommunications Study.

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