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Cox reveals LTE test results

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US-based telco Cox Communications has announced that it has recorded peak speeds of 25 Mbps during its Long Term Evolution (LTE) trials in Phoenix and San Diego, FierceWireless reports.
As reported by CommsUpdate on 26 January 2010, Cox used the AWS and 700MHz spectrum it acquired at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auctions in 2006 and 2008 for the trials, which ran on equipment provided by Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei. Stephen Bye, Cox's vice president of wireless services, revealed at the Mobile World Congress trade show that the trials showed peak speeds of around 25 Mbps via 2x2 MIMO technology over a 2x5 MHz channel in the carrier's AWS spectrum. However, those speeds were experienced in the centre of the test area, while towards the edge of the covered zone the tests showed that single users would get speeds of around 10 Mbps, while multiple users would see far slower speeds.

Bye said that while wireless broadband could prove ‘complementary’ to the company’s core fixed line operations it would not be capable of handling the traffic demands of most broadband users. Cox’s fixed broadband customers average around 8GB per month, with some users downloading as much as 200GB per month. According to Bye the company has witnessed a 200% growth in fixed line traffic over the last twelve months. ‘There is an insatiable appetite out there for data,’ Bye said adding, ‘Clearly, there's not a good solution to deliver that capacity to users with wireless. At the end of the day, that tonnage has to go over a wired connection.’

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